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In Nikitin together with the colleagues young teachers and tutors proposed creation of the selfsupportingschools of new type, where educational taskssuccessfully would decide at the same time with developmentpupils of practical skills of production,selfgovernment and early vocational guidance.But unfortunately, these initiatives at that timesupports did not find.Boris Pavlovich Nikitin was born in in the North Caucasus in a family of the Kuban Cossack.In graduated from Military and air academyof N.E.Zhukovskogo, served in destructive aircraft.In retired and began the scientificand pedagogical work in scientific research institute of the Ministry of the laborreserves, then at Institute of the theory and historypedagogics, scientific research institute of psychology and Institute of the labortraining and NPA vocational guidance.

But in the course

Differently, sense of that he sees before itselfhimself, – whether it be the do a cat, a toy, a piece of furniture, the bus or even mother – is defined for it by exclusively internal feelings.At this stage the child yet has no vozmozhto Nosta to support with the world a twoway communication by a principlegive and take – he is able to take only.But in the course of time he studies as well Prof.Dani Wolf, specializing in psychology of times twistin notes that the child starts to understand near in three stages.About one year children yet do not perceive other people It is the third stage in development of parental leaving.

The most

I live in the current instant.The most important to remember a way of soul and to follow it.And I ceased to ask questions.So, than we can help them Remember that they are children.They like to play and be on friendly terms with agemates.But it is not always simple.Many of them do not find common language with schoolmates and neighbour's is important to provide with it society similar for example, in special camps.One boy in such camp told to me Now I am not lonely.And another admitted From now on I do not feelitself abnormal.

Having ended

The today's school kills any independence.Having ended it, the child is not capable to active on to a stizheniye, selftraining.And the university after all gives it, at least partly.Having a little changed both school, and university, we will receive the person capable during all life independently to develop.Today people, finishing training at school and at university, do not receive necessary skills for independent advance on life.The person remains the simple performer.– At institute and at school there is a concept botanist.This is the person who skrupulezno carries out all tasks and goes according to the program.

Children learned

It could be, for example, dark blue energy of happiness or pink flower energy.And still the child watched that who gets into his bubble, and then returned energy of that person to her owner, reminding that bubble only its personal space.Children learned to create also imagined soap bubbles, to fill them with energy, and then to pierce, returning to energy its neutral form.And still our kids worked with contrasts much my darling and unloved food; things which please me and afflict; that it is pleasant to me in behavior of the big brother or the sister and that is not pleasant.

Association, rapprochement

To solve today's problems of the world it is possible, only if to look at the world as on one whole.Association, rapprochement between people which you discuss with to put , is a technique of the nature.You thus raise a uniform force of nature which influences them.You cause under the law of similarity of properties a cart action on them that Highest force of nature which generalizes, includes everythin includin and us.criterion of success – an integralnost of the person in the environment– In any technique there is a criterion of an assessment of efficiency of activity.

All will

For children guitar lessons are obligatory.All will be engaged with pleasure.By no means, it is not necessary from outside.We in three months will create from them prevoskhodny musical groups.It is the huge help in selfexpression.Also start up to itself there drum.– Whether should celebrate holidays there Also that we should celebrate – We should celebrate own holidays.Here we descended in on a course.After a campaign we act, at us a festive dinner, we distribute to all morozheny, sweets.And it for us a holiday – songs, maybe, a fire.Any general state or national holidays should not be.


When it is put what or a question, children help to find each other the decision andthanks to mutual support develop so stremitelno that it can be tracked personally.Discussion pomo S.Sherns and S.Dov , Coeducation in small groups review of techniques and research, Jerusalem, pedagogical secretariat, Ministry of Education and cultures.E.Gutmans , Democratic trainin Tel Aviv, working library, page to everyone to express itself in own way, demands from everyone from to be clicked on heard, to tell about the impressions and even to write some offers or to make drawing on the mentioned subject.

A secret

During conversation he began to explain to me quantum astronomy.To me the thought came to the head if it so well operates with abstract mathematical symbols, probably, there is a sense to suggest it to compare these symbols with text letters And I asked it to compare each letter or a word with one of symbols which arise in his mind.In some minutes the young man already quite tolerably read.A secret of success in finding a key to a problem in personal universal memory of the person.All speak about communication between psychology of the personality and color of aura.This communication is considered by healers, experts in marketing and dieticians.

And today fingers

Fingertype riddles Purpose development of a thin motility of fingers, development of movements of hands; development of imitation movements of hands.Game course Plant children in a circle on a carpet and suggest to play with fingers.And today fingers will think of interesting riddles.I will be to show, and you guess; then repeat for me.Points Both hands we represent ringlets we connect big and index fingers other fingers are straightened or a little bent.We lift hands and we bring them to eyes.

This ability

He any more is not satisfied lyubopytwith ny contemplation of images which turn around At kindergarten age there is a true friendship in group equal contemporaries – a comment of the author.This ability to build the relation with equal members of group rasshi also will improve in days of kindergarten visit, – write Serof, Cooper and Daert in one of fundamental books on development psychology.– The relations between equal in group become from now on the central arena of development and proyavlea niya of new abilities.

Find good

It us accustomed to consider bad in all, trying to humiliate and make slaves.Find good and tell about it.Even can exaggerate, from it you only will win and your child.From to years Time of development of judgments.During this period often there are serious accidents or diseases, and also problems with close people.It makes serious impact on the child.Such moments are caused by the karmic law, and it is necessary to deal with each case separately to understand, to that he teaches and for what is given.

It is necessary

Conclusion the material should be available to the small child, complication of the same task occurs gradually, from occupation to to occupation principle realization from simple to difficult.It is necessary to supervise duration of occupation It is necessary to consider that fact that attention of small children involuntarily and quickly.Therefore it is necessary to plan in advance occupation thus, to avoid overfatigue of the child and loss of interest to occupation.Each game lasts from till minutes.

Tender poglazhivaniye

Dot pressing big and index fingers on the middle of everyone phalanxes of each finger of the child in the direction from its tip to the basis in two planes back and palmar and interdigital all fingers of a brush are massed on turns times we here so walk a top top top.Assignment and reduction of a thumb of the child in three directions forward back, sideways aside, around.Tender poglazhivaniye the adult of each handle of the child in the direction from peripheries to the center times.Occupations with subjects and materials The set of games for development of a small motility of hands can be carried out, using the most various subjects, and also special toys, action principle which means movements by brushes and fingers of hands a beads and lacings, doll clothes on flypapers, buttons, lightnings and buttons, etc.

Amoebic dysentery

Usually if the kid is hungry, very quickly remembers, where there is his horn.Amoebic dysentery What is such.Amoebic dysentery, or this parasitic disease of a thick gut.Amebiaz is an illness of dirty hands.Amoebic dysentery arises at hit of pathogenic protozoa through a mouth of the person with food.On food microorganisms get through dirty after use of a toilet of a hand.As flies or other flying insects can be carriers of amoebas.Some types of vegetables or fruit can be fertilized by human excrements and are washed badly up before food, thus amoebas again get to the digestive highway of the person.

Today we enter

Gradually, in process of our development, coupling between us becomes more and more rigid.Earlier we could slip somehow and fell ill to cling on turns of each other by our castors, after all each of us represents such gear both state, and society, and whole civilizations.Today we enter into such condition among themselves when everyone who turns, surely is in rigid coupling with others.And by that defines – in the best or for the worse moves chelovea chestvo.Therefore, if we suspended ourselves and planned the life according to our egoism less, would come to any to the general rezultathat.

To stand

I start to bend fingers Time … Is not necessary.Grisha moved with a little finger, and Masha at all shifted from one foot to the other.To stand it is necessary absolutely motionlessly, but not , as a statue, and in a free pose, quietly and seriously looking before itself.We make a fresh start Time … Again failure.Gradually children manage to remove stress, first, secondly, to brake the impulses.To three we safely we hold out.At the following lesson we repeat exercise, slowly moving ahead forward.Some more lessons – and the child cost in absolutely to easy pose, without moving neither hands, nor eyebrows, a mouth corner.


To keep physical health, red it is necessary to learn to stop for a respite and rest.They should estimate a stock of the forces and more circumspectly treat the communications.The love to sensual, animal pleasures and abuse of food cause many troubles to health red therefore follows the heat.Psychological qualitiesTemperament choleric person.When the red are in harmony, they show such qualities, asvivacity and physical health, strength of mind, physical force, vigilance andEdited and published on a site PRESSI HERSONindependence, emotionality of despair to improbable pleasure, motivation, spontaneity, qualities of the leader, an initiative, concentration on external subjects and material benefits, strong and ardent, even quicktempered temperament, bravery, passion, sexuality and an erotic emanation, divine spirit, fire.

To press

Below we describe possible options of actions with subjects, toys and materials.Such games can be carried out differently, using various plots.Everything depends on preferences and the imagination of the teacher, interests child.As an example, some of tasks see below are offered in a look detailed description of occupation.To press a rubber pear, receiving a current of air In this game we develop force of hands.Offer the kid the small rubber pear.Directing a current of air received at pressin it is possible to blow off cotton wool or a plumelet from a table.


The person disconnects itself from society and from life.It bad does not do anything to anybody, quietly goes down the street with glass eyes, sees nobody.he cannot be considered as a public and harmful element.But it harms to that goes against priro, and with it we are not agree.Generally drugs very cheap.It is possible to feed constantly with them three four billion superfluous people on the earth that the others lived quietly.We will disconnect them from any problems.Let's distribute drugs to the population – and at once the crime percent will decrease.

Thus it is necessary

Development of perception of nonverbal sounds goes from elementary reaction on existence or lack of sounds to their perception and distinction, and then to to use as a signal to actions.Special training of the child in this direction will help it to be guided better in space, to avoid accidents for example, upon transition through the street.Thus it is necessary to consider, that sounds can be perceived only on hearing or with a support on sight slukhozritelno that much easier also should precede the isolated to acoustical perception.When training the child to distinction aurally nonverbal sounds we advise to observe the following sequence nature sounds wind and rain noise, rustle of leaves, murmur of water, etc.

All this

Happens that children are strongly afflicted, if conceived it is not possible.You can notice, how the child complains from failure.AS the CHILD FOR the rd WEEK MATURED Researches proceed Movements of the child now more .The kid easily takes, holds, twists various subjects.You notice, how the child easily shifts subjects from a hand in a hand.All this is not than other, as studying of surrounding subjects.The understanding of speech improves The child uses some directions which help it to understand the words said by adults.First of all, you can show a concrete subject and tell, how it is called.You can give emotional coloring to the statements, thereby letting to the kid know that occurs.

Speech Not all children

On our planet and so already there are a lot of murders and destructions.Speech Not all children of five years' age are able to utter correctly separate words and sounds, to say words , instead of whom that, instead of that, , instead of tram etc Some children invent the words.So, when my son was small, called the truck puzoviky.When I asked it, why he so calls it, the kid explained that this car in the paunch carries cargoes, therefore it .To help the child to master the correct pronunciation, it is not necessary to interrupt and point it to the wrong pronunciation roughly.

To the child

The mechanism publishing a sound in musical toys, as a rule, is latent under the plastic case.To the child yet under force to disassemble a toy.Place a musical toy under a blanket and ask the kid to find a sound source.Hide a toy in other place where the child can find it.Repeat game while the kid will not lose interest to it.Give, please, a toy! Now the child plays with members of the family, but very soon it should appear in children's collective.Time of the child came to teach to share the toys.


There is time for everythin the period, and during each such period it is necessary to create for the child the corresponding environment which will allow it to talk about everythin wasps to think of everything and to all to find the correct, harmonious decision.Education should be commensurated with internal development of the child, with his age and a floor.It is not enough to stuff of it with knowledge – it is even more important to teach than it to be the person and podgo to life.How Below – some practical advice.Teaching technique in kindergartens In a garden it is necessary to be engaged in a circle or in small groups, and only in a communication format, only together with participation of all children.

They respect

Many parents do not accept similar open methods of education, but, as we know, the best criterion of quality of a pudding its taste.And my children serve as live confirmation of that new open style of education works better, than the former methods based on sense of guilt and shame.Nekotoryelyudi consider even that if we do not show severity, children will lose any respect for us, will run wild and .I on experience was convinced of the return.They respect me that I play a role of mother their lives, as well as I respect them that they play a role of children.And we communicate with each other at level of spirits that level where there are no labels.


If there was a flooding of your dwellin the roof or walls got wet, take all possible measures for prevention of the beginning of growth and mold colonization.If walls or a ceiling are damaged, use whitewashing for processing of the got wet sites.Whitewashing consists of the lime possessing high hygroscopic and antiseptic properties.In cases of repetition of a promokaniye of the dwelling it is necessary to be engaged in its repair.Food from the graincultures which it is possible to eat with hands If the child likes to eat with hands, offer it the food prepared on the basis of grain crops.

As a rule, at food

More often food poisonings at children arise at the use of adult food.Symptoms of food poisoning include nausea; vomiting; strong spasms of intestines; profuzny plentiful diarrhea.What to do.If the child had some from listed above symptoms, increase amount of liquid consumed by the child for dehydration prevention.Try to create conditions for quiet wakefulness of the kid.When to call the doctor.Call the doctor if the child had symptoms of dehydration and body temperature raised.As a rule, at food poisoning it is not required applications of medicines.Disease symptoms usually pass in hours.


He accuses of them capitalist orders which legalizepoverty of one and richness of others, derides a bourgeois family from itnarrowminded ideals of education.After the termination and of university Y.Korchak seven yearswith a break caused by participation in RussianJapanese war, worksthe doctor in hospital for children of poor people.Remembering this period onthe medical practice, he writes Free of charge treated childrensocialists, teachers, journalists, young lawyers, even vrawhose, and all progressive.To the aid of children Korchak cameat any time also was to them extremely attentive.


Development of movements of hands includes hvataniye development the child learns to grasp a subject, operating purposefully correctly defines a subject place in space the direction and distance, considers a form, subject size in the actions small subjects the child suffices one hand, big two hands, the child learns to suffice subjects differently a fist, three fingers or index and big fingers; development of correlating actions the child learns to use actions, when it is necessary to combine two subjects or two parts of one subject; principle correlating actions underlies game problems of many didactic toys piramidka, nested dolls, loose leaves turrets, etc.

One my companion, as psycho

Today both to children, and adults very much lacks a sign stvo with an inner world of boys and girls, men and women – acquaintances to the purpose to establish between them garmothe nichny connection.One my companion, as psycho the ravine and the psychotherapist, told about yearold people, whichcome to reception to the psychologist and behave, as small children.At all without representing that the spouse looks at them other look, they show standard claims I so try to make her life good and pleasant, and she does not notice it and demands from me absolutely other things … if already since the childhood we started to understand each other, would treat representatives of other floor with keenness and respect – that is natural, after all thanks to such otnoshea niya of people reaches harmony, internal and external.

To buy a finished

Everything depends on that, on what you are ready for the sake of the kid and his health.To buy a finished product, to facilitate to itself life, or to cook good food from natural products is your choice.The mankind lives more than years, and during this time not only you had problems with shortage of milk.Babies survived, them fed even without mothers, and the chemical industry is absolutely young branch.For uneasy parents who worry, thinking that the kid undereats, there are accurate indications of his body.It is known to people some centuries.If on hands and feet of the kid there are folds, socalled zavyazochka, it in norm.


th WEEKDEVELOPMENT STAGES ON the th WEEK of Change in the child which you can notice Physical development creeps, holding in one hand a subject turns the head during crawling Sense organs and reflexes knocks before itself subjectsIntellectual development removes the suspended subjectsSocial development chooses the pleasant toy simulates sounds, such, as cough and a sneezing drinks from a cup and plays it Each kid is individual and can carry out some actions earlier or later, than it is done by other children.

Her father

And still arguments of supporters of a method of Montessoriit is much more convincing that, certainly, by no meansdoes not cancel an urgency of any discussion about problemseducation of children.Maria Montessori was born on August , in Italy, in a small country townTo Chiaravall.Her father was highranking statethe official, and mother occurred from MOST POPULAR TECHNIQUES OF EDUCATIONStopani's oldest Italian sort, in whichscientists prevailed.About Maria Montessori's childhoodfew data remained.

Perhaps the firstborn

You, obviously, know many cases when the firstborn grows and leaves the parental house where it suppressed.Perhaps the firstborn mother or the firstborn father drilled, suppressed, criticized, reproached him.Out of the parentalhouses the firstborn establishes the order.Since that moment when it can make it, his internal confidence will start to raise more and more.He calms down.Its nervous system calms down, colitis, ulcers stop and immunity because all this was broken and hammered by mother raises.Now the child can quietly live, having established the rules.He will establish the family only by the rules.

Adults push, instead

At the heart of system Nikitinykh lies first of allwork, naturalness, proximity to the nature and creativity.Children owners to itself, the acts and the schedule.Parents to anything do not force them, onlyhelp to understand in difficult vital and philosophicalproblems.Adults push, instead of advancechildren, enter with them dialogue.Main taskeducation, in opinion Nikitinykh, ismaximum development of creative abilitiesthe growingup person and his preparation for life.The first principle of education on Nikitinfreedom of creativity of children on occupations.

I do not see all other

And then we suddenly in a different way will start to solve problems, to see absolutely new layers of the nature, more internal, that, from where it operates us.Today we perceive all nature through a lens of our egoism.I about attention only that favourably or threatens me, – from the point of view of my egoism.I do not see all other nature.Round me can occur, everythin and I observe surrounding reality only in a measure of development of the ego, – that for it is good or bad, – I sift via this filter all information, all impacts on.

It how I understand, too does

It how I understand, too does not have a place – Absolutely not! It is necessary to deduce all from identity of the child and group and it is simple to discuss as the phenomenon, – both at all on the same day and not at the same time.Everything depends on level of preparation of group, from perception level, that is from, as far as they can apprehend themselves any, understand that all this and is we.– there are two basic approaches one – to operate on in advance zaplato the nirovanny scenario and the second – on a process course.

It seems

Neverdo not swing a cradle.It seems that MildredLouise was the diligent schoolgirlWatson, and the pedagogical arsenal during that time consisted,by definition of one of journalists, from the impenitentgrants, the judgments inherited from the Victorianera, lectures of grandmas and benevolent,but not always competent advice of neigbours,mothersinlaw and mothersinlaw.It is quite probable that in protestagainst the methods of education practisinin particular, and in his family, Benjamin Spock also wrotethe book.For the majority of the American fathers and mothers the newthe grant was similar to a breath of fresh air.

Let's tell

That at night to us to dream.You to it wish bayubay.To Baibay, all people should at night to sleep.To Baibayu, tomorrow there will be a day again.In a day we were tired very much.Let's tell all Good night.Eyes close, bayubay.It is carried out standing.Close direct palms we enclose under a cheek; .under other cheek; we lift hands up, we shake them from parties aside; movements ukachivaniye; close direct palms we enclose under a cheek; .other cheek; we lift hands up, we shake them from parties aside; movements ukachivaniye.

When to call

By means of a small sprintsovka delete contents of nasal courses.It will allow to facilitate feeding process at small children and will give the chance to be awake and sleep more quietly to children is more senior.When to call the doctor.It is very important to contact the doctor if the sick child did not reach month's age quickly.Also call the doctor in cases of high temperature of a body which does not manage to be lowered medicines.If the child had symptoms of dehydration or the number of respiratory movements increased, there was a dullness or cyanosis of integuments, the kid became extremely irritable, immediately call the doctor.

It is possible

ship.And now you try.Well done Game can be complicated, having suggested the child to drive by a ship from one the cities in another, having designated the cities badges at basin edges.In this case stream air during an oral exhalation should be not only stron but also the directed.It is possible to carry out game in group.In this case organize competition whose the ship will quicker come to the purpose.Ducks Purpose development of the strong smooth directed exhalation; activization of the lip muscles.Equipment a rubber duck with ducklings a set for bathing; other lungs the rubber or plastic toys floating in water.

There is izba, but there

It is possible to run quickly, and it is possible to rush at full speed, to rush in all speed, at full speed, headlon at full speed, it is not simple to escape, and to get away and to bolt.There is izba, but there is also lachuzhka, hatka, hut.And therefore, reading or telling to the child the simplest fairy tale, think about volume as it is possible to add or replace new meeting in the text long ago words known to the child.Look for synonyms and write out them in column on book page near drawing.

Now the rain

We too ate then strawberry is tasty.We with mother were engaged.I read the book about a Maljchikaspalchika both about the cannibal, and about wife.And mother wanted to read the book Elephant to us later.We studied figures , , , And all.On it a point.On July Thursday.Since morning there was a good weather because the sun was visible.And now is not present.Now about the nature.Everything blossomed white daisies, any else blue flowers unknown.Now the rain watered them.Sunflower yet blossomed, but at it big leaflets.We already planted long ago peas.

Children are very

It demands a special condition of vibration.Children are very sensitive, they is thin feel vibrations.All Universe pulses and hoots life, and our children feel it everyone in own way.Some of them see color auras and auras, others hear thoughts at distance or possess ability to healin either internal sight, or prediction gift.Some simply very sharply realize the deepest communication with all mankind and so expressively to tell it that leave an indelible trace in the hearts of people.But as though you called such osobnost, they represent very human properties.Each of us could feel in itself and show similar qualities, however the majority of it do not do.


Place in a tray for bathing some toys keeping on a water surface, and some toys which fall by a tray bottom.Interest the child in toys and stimulate their capture.To catch an ifushka under water or on its surface it is much more difficult, than to lift AS the CHILD FOR the th WEEK MATUREDHOW TO FACILITATE PARTING If the child very much is adhered to you and hardly endures even shortterm partin we can offer measures which will make parting by easier for both of you.Allow the child to get used to presence of the person new to it.

It is better

Introduction of a feeding up stimulates desire at the child is independently.The new food can not be pleasant to the kid.But after all it is not so obligatory, that the kid ate all dishes offered by you.If the child lost interest to food or was tired, it is not necessary to insist.It is better to offer food next time.When you feed the child, consider his mood.If the child in good mood, at the beginning of feeding offer it a feeding up dish, and then finish feeding chest milk or a nutritious mix.If the kid has a bad mood or , offer chest milk or a dairy mix from the very beginning of feedin and then give a feeding up dish.

To the yearold

Knowledge and the concepts received from adults by an authoritative way, is not acquired by the child internally, qualitatively – how it could if schools involved in educational process of children of the senior age groups which are close to mentality and attitude of target audience, results not zastawould twist itself to wait.However and here it is necessary to observe accurate laws.To the yearold child yearold seem absolutely adult.his respect for them is excessive, as well as a gap between them.Withother party, children of years are much closer to it, they and yavlya in his eyes an example for imitation.

Edited and published

But except it they are waited by real life which needs to be tested and won.Orange parentsOrange usually are not near children.Children are too burdensome and limit them.If the orange connect themselves children, transfer responsibility for their education on the partners.Their excessive courage is not a good example for children.With children they are not connected by emotional communication.Edited and published on a site PRESSI HERSONThey care only of a good standard of life of children.Orange childrenThese are adventurers.They like to investigate and throw down a challenge to that surrounds them.

In old times

Then lon uneasy search, harakterny for this age category, will move from vneshit to internal and becomes a basis for stron healthy return to children Concept of a community One of the characteristic phenomena of the present – disorder on a community nyatiya.In old times when people lived in small towns and villages, they often gathered for these or those events.They were closer to each other and considered it quite natural.On holidays children scurried about under feet vzrosly and became impregnated with a warm feeling of the general family.


Tonsillitis What is such.Tonsillitis, or an inflammation of almonds is infectious process which occurs in a mouth.Almonds at children are grouped in back department of a mouth.Infectious diseases of almonds can arise at any age.Most often they meet at children at the age from till years.Symptoms of tonsillitis include body temperature increase; difficulty of swallowing; puffiness of almonds; slackness, apathy of the child; appetite violation; increase in lymph nodes of a neck and the bottom jaw from an inflammation; difficulty of breath.


But it – not jokes.The joke absolutely unexpectedly combines contrasts, povorachihowls their any special aspect, finding in them interface, a unification, integration.Therefore the joke is an unexpected manifestation integratsiya.ACTING IN FIGHT AGAINST EGOISM We always on a scene Features of work of the actor Collective games with egoism In what Lenin was mistaken From what age to train the child in game To play not fairy tales, and life Playin the person becomes objective From amorphous I to reliable We Why acting was despised the unity will bring people on level of People The actor becomes a director Not all roles should be played The thrills – from a shortcoming the purpose – integrated mankind let's stipulate about an acting place in a technique of integrated education of the person.

The mouse speaks

Also put it on tip of a stick which took in the wood.Belchonok one more time peeped and jumped in a hollow.Mother was delighted and to me gave cones.I went further.ON A VISIT AT THE MOUSE Somehow time I was at home.The mouse runs.The mouse speaks We go.It is time in a mink.I speak I I will not climb through.Called the gnome.Waved stick, and I climbed through.And there little mice in a long corridor.It is a lot of everyones supplies cones in a ba garlic.Gave me crouton.

To adjust

It becomes clear that from such approach well all.In the real family is not present big and small – all are equal.To adjust communication with the child and to help it to join the life schedule, let to it know that the family is a place where the mutual love reigns.And the love can be only between equal.In what similar equality is expressed In daily semeyny meetings on which everyone has a possibility to express the opinion.All attentively listen to it, zabo about it and together solve, for it it is correct, soobdifferently with age and circumstances.Such continuous meetings very much calm the child and establish in it enduring feeling of the family operating as a unit.


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