To press

To press Below we describe possible options of actions with subjects, toys and materials.

Such games can be carried out differently, using various plots.

Everything depends on preferences and the imagination of the teacher, interests child.

As an example, some of tasks see below are offered in a look detailed description of occupation.

To press a rubber pear, receiving a current of air In this game we develop force of hands.

Offer the kid the small rubber pear.

Directing a current of air received at pressin it is possible to blow off cotton wool or a plumelet from a table.

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Generally The person disconnects itself from society and from life.

It bad does not do anything to anybody, quietly goes down the street with glass eyes, sees nobody.

he cannot be considered as a public and harmful element.

But it harms to that goes against priro, and with it we are not agree.

Generally drugs very cheap.

It is possible to feed constantly with them three four billion superfluous people on the earth that the others lived quietly.

We will disconnect them from any problems.

Let's distribute drugs to the population – and at once the crime percent will decrease.

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Thus it is necessary

Thus it is necessary Development of perception of nonverbal sounds goes from elementary reaction on existence or lack of sounds to their perception and distinction, and then to to use as a signal to actions.

Special training of the child in this direction will help it to be guided better in space, to avoid accidents for example, upon transition through the street.

Thus it is necessary to consider, that sounds can be perceived only on hearing or with a support on sight slukhozritelno that much easier also should precede the isolated to acoustical perception.

When training the child to distinction aurally nonverbal sounds we advise to observe the following sequence nature sounds wind and rain noise, rustle of leaves, murmur of water, etc.

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All this

All this Happens that children are strongly afflicted, if conceived it is not possible.

You can notice, how the child complains from failure.

AS the CHILD FOR the rd WEEK MATURED Researches proceed Movements of the child now more .

The kid easily takes, holds, twists various subjects.

You notice, how the child easily shifts subjects from a hand in a hand.

All this is not than other, as studying of surrounding subjects.

The understanding of speech improves The child uses some directions which help it to understand the words said by adults.

First of all, you can show a concrete subject and tell, how it is called.

You can give emotional coloring to the statements, thereby letting to the kid know that occurs.

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