To stand

To stand I start to bend fingers Time … Is not necessary.

Grisha moved with a little finger, and Masha at all shifted from one foot to the other.

To stand it is necessary absolutely motionlessly, but not , as a statue, and in a free pose, quietly and seriously looking before itself.

We make a fresh start Time … Again failure.

Gradually children manage to remove stress, first, secondly, to brake the impulses.

To three we safely we hold out.

At the following lesson we repeat exercise, slowly moving ahead forward.

Some more lessons – and the child cost in absolutely to easy pose, without moving neither hands, nor eyebrows, a mouth corner.

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PsychologicalTo keep physical health, red it is necessary to learn to stop for a respite and rest.

They should estimate a stock of the forces and more circumspectly treat the communications.

The love to sensual, animal pleasures and abuse of food cause many troubles to health red therefore follows the heat.

Psychological qualitiesTemperament choleric person.

When the red are in harmony, they show such qualities, asvivacity and physical health, strength of mind, physical force, vigilance andEdited and published on a site PRESSI HERSONindependence, emotionality of despair to improbable pleasure, motivation, spontaneity, qualities of the leader, an initiative, concentration on external subjects and material benefits, strong and ardent, even quicktempered temperament, bravery, passion, sexuality and an erotic emanation, divine spirit, fire.

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