Speech Not all children

Speech Not all children On our planet and so already there are a lot of murders and destructions.

Speech Not all children of five years' age are able to utter correctly separate words and sounds, to say words , instead of whom that, instead of that, , instead of tram etc Some children invent the words.

So, when my son was small, called the truck puzoviky.

When I asked it, why he so calls it, the kid explained that this car in the paunch carries cargoes, therefore it .

To help the child to master the correct pronunciation, it is not necessary to interrupt and point it to the wrong pronunciation roughly.

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To the child

To the child The mechanism publishing a sound in musical toys, as a rule, is latent under the plastic case.

To the child yet under force to disassemble a toy.

Place a musical toy under a blanket and ask the kid to find a sound source.

Hide a toy in other place where the child can find it.

Repeat game while the kid will not lose interest to it.

Give, please, a toy! Now the child plays with members of the family, but very soon it should appear in children's collective.

Time of the child came to teach to share the toys.

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Education There is time for everythin the period, and during each such period it is necessary to create for the child the corresponding environment which will allow it to talk about everythin wasps to think of everything and to all to find the correct, harmonious decision.

Education should be commensurated with internal development of the child, with his age and a floor.

It is not enough to stuff of it with knowledge – it is even more important to teach than it to be the person and podgo to life.

How Below – some practical advice.

Teaching technique in kindergartens In a garden it is necessary to be engaged in a circle or in small groups, and only in a communication format, only together with participation of all children.

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