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Edited and published

Edited and published But except it they are waited by real life which needs to be tested and won.

Orange parentsOrange usually are not near children.

Children are too burdensome and limit them.

If the orange connect themselves children, transfer responsibility for their education on the partners.

Their excessive courage is not a good example for children.

With children they are not connected by emotional communication.

Edited and published on a site PRESSI HERSONThey care only of a good standard of life of children.

Orange childrenThese are adventurers.

They like to investigate and throw down a challenge to that surrounds them.

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In old times

In old times Then lon uneasy search, harakterny for this age category, will move from vneshit to internal and becomes a basis for stron healthy communication.

to return to children Concept of a community One of the characteristic phenomena of the present – disorder on a community nyatiya.

In old times when people lived in small towns and villages, they often gathered for these or those events.

They were closer to each other and considered it quite natural.

On holidays children scurried about under feet vzrosly and became impregnated with a warm feeling of the general family.

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Infectious Tonsillitis What is such.

Tonsillitis, or an inflammation of almonds is infectious process which occurs in a mouth.

Almonds at children are grouped in back department of a mouth.

Infectious diseases of almonds can arise at any age.

Most often they meet at children at the age from till years.

Symptoms of tonsillitis include body temperature increase; difficulty of swallowing; puffiness of almonds; slackness, apathy of the child; appetite violation; increase in lymph nodes of a neck and the bottom jaw from an inflammation; difficulty of breath.

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Therefore But it – not jokes.

The joke absolutely unexpectedly combines contrasts, povorachihowls their any special aspect, finding in them interface, a unification, integration.

Therefore the joke is an unexpected manifestation integratsiya.

ACTING IN FIGHT AGAINST EGOISM We always on a scene Features of work of the actor Collective games with egoism In what Lenin was mistaken From what age to train the child in game To play not fairy tales, and life Playin the person becomes objective From amorphous I to reliable We Why acting was despised the unity will bring people on level of People The actor becomes a director Not all roles should be played The thrills – from a shortcoming the purpose – integrated mankind let's stipulate about an acting place in a technique of integrated education of the person.

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The mouse speaks

The mouse speaks Also put it on tip of a stick which took in the wood.

Belchonok one more time peeped and jumped in a hollow.

Mother was delighted and to me gave cones.

I went further.

ON A VISIT AT THE MOUSE Somehow time I was at home.

The mouse runs.

The mouse speaks We go.

It is time in a mink.

I speak I I will not climb through.

Called the gnome.

Waved stick, and I climbed through.

And there little mice in a long corridor.

It is a lot of everyones supplies cones in a ba garlic.

Gave me crouton.

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To adjust

To adjust It becomes clear that from such approach well all.

In the real family is not present big and small – all are equal.

To adjust communication with the child and to help it to join the life schedule, let to it know that the family is a place where the mutual love reigns.

And the love can be only between equal.

In what similar equality is expressed In daily semeyny meetings on which everyone has a possibility to express the opinion.

All attentively listen to it, zabo about it and together solve, for it it is correct, soobdifferently with age and circumstances.

Such continuous meetings very much calm the child and establish in it enduring feeling of the family operating as a unit.

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