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There is izba, but there

There is izba, but there It is possible to run quickly, and it is possible to rush at full speed, to rush in all speed, at full speed, headlon at full speed, it is not simple to escape, and to get away and to bolt.

There is izba, but there is also lachuzhka, hatka, hut.

And therefore, reading or telling to the child the simplest fairy tale, think about volume as it is possible to add or replace new meeting in the text long ago words known to the child.

Look for synonyms and write out them in column on book page near drawing.

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Now the rain

Now the rain We too ate then strawberry is tasty.

We with mother were engaged.

I read the book about a Maljchikaspalchika both about the cannibal, and about wife.

And mother wanted to read the book Elephant to us later.

We studied figures , , , And all.

On it a point.

On July Thursday.

Since morning there was a good weather because the sun was visible.

And now is not present.

Now about the nature.

Everything blossomed white daisies, any else blue flowers unknown.

Now the rain watered them.

Sunflower yet blossomed, but at it big leaflets.

We already planted long ago peas.

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Children are very

Children are very It demands a special condition of vibration.

Children are very sensitive, they is thin feel vibrations.

All Universe pulses and hoots life, and our children feel it everyone in own way.

Some of them see color auras and auras, others hear thoughts at distance or possess ability to healin either internal sight, or prediction gift.

Some simply very sharply realize the deepest communication with all mankind and so expressively to tell it that leave an indelible trace in the hearts of people.

But as though you called such osobnost, they represent very human properties.

Each of us could feel in itself and show similar qualities, however the majority of it do not do.

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Interest Place in a tray for bathing some toys keeping on a water surface, and some toys which fall by a tray bottom.

Interest the child in toys and stimulate their capture.

To catch an ifushka under water or on its surface it is much more difficult, than to lift AS the CHILD FOR the th WEEK MATUREDHOW TO FACILITATE PARTING If the child very much is adhered to you and hardly endures even shortterm partin we can offer measures which will make parting by easier for both of you.

Allow the child to get used to presence of the person new to it.

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It is better

It is better Introduction of a feeding up stimulates desire at the child is independently.

The new food can not be pleasant to the kid.

But after all it is not so obligatory, that the kid ate all dishes offered by you.

If the child lost interest to food or was tired, it is not necessary to insist.

It is better to offer food next time.

When you feed the child, consider his mood.

If the child in good mood, at the beginning of feeding offer it a feeding up dish, and then finish feeding chest milk or a nutritious mix.

If the kid has a bad mood or , offer chest milk or a dairy mix from the very beginning of feedin and then give a feeding up dish.

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To the yearold

To the yearold Knowledge and the concepts received from adults by an authoritative way, is not acquired by the child internally, qualitatively – how it could if schools involved in educational process of children of the senior age groups which are close to mentality and attitude of target audience, results not zastawould twist itself to wait.

However and here it is necessary to observe accurate laws.

To the yearold child yearold seem absolutely adult.

his respect for them is excessive, as well as a gap between them.

Withother party, children of years are much closer to it, they and yavlya in his eyes an example for imitation.

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