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I do not see all other

I do not see all other And then we suddenly in a different way will start to solve problems, to see absolutely new layers of the nature, more internal, that, from where it operates us.

Today we perceive all nature through a lens of our egoism.

I about attention only that favourably or threatens me, – from the point of view of my egoism.

I do not see all other nature.

Round me can occur, everythin and I observe surrounding reality only in a measure of development of the ego, – that for it is good or bad, – I sift via this filter all information, all impacts on.

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It how I understand, too does

It how I understand, too does It how I understand, too does not have a place – Absolutely not! It is necessary to deduce all from identity of the child and group and it is simple to discuss as the phenomenon, – both at all on the same day and not at the same time.

Everything depends on level of preparation of group, from perception level, that is from, as far as they can apprehend themselves any, understand that all this and is we.

– there are two basic approaches one – to operate on in advance zaplato the nirovanny scenario and the second – on a process course.

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It seems

It seems Neverdo not swing a cradle.

It seems that MildredLouise was the diligent schoolgirlWatson, and the pedagogical arsenal during that time consisted,by definition of one of journalists, from the impenitentgrants, the judgments inherited from the Victorianera, lectures of grandmas and benevolent,but not always competent advice of neigbours,mothersinlaw and mothersinlaw.

It is quite probable that in protestagainst the methods of education practisinin particular, and in his family, Benjamin Spock also wrotethe book.

For the majority of the American fathers and mothers the newthe grant was similar to a breath of fresh air.

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Let's tell

Let's tell That at night to us to dream.

You to it wish bayubay.

To Baibay, all people should at night to sleep.

To Baibayu, tomorrow there will be a day again.

In a day we were tired very much.

Let's tell all Good night.

Eyes close, bayubay.

It is carried out standing.

Close direct palms we enclose under a cheek; .

under other cheek; we lift hands up, we shake them from parties aside; movements ukachivaniye; close direct palms we enclose under a cheek; .

other cheek; we lift hands up, we shake them from parties aside; movements ukachivaniye.

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When to call

When to call By means of a small sprintsovka delete contents of nasal courses.

It will allow to facilitate feeding process at small children and will give the chance to be awake and sleep more quietly to children is more senior.

When to call the doctor.

It is very important to contact the doctor if the sick child did not reach month's age quickly.

Also call the doctor in cases of high temperature of a body which does not manage to be lowered medicines.

If the child had symptoms of dehydration or the number of respiratory movements increased, there was a dullness or cyanosis of integuments, the kid became extremely irritable, immediately call the doctor.

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It is possible

It is possible ship.

And now you try.

Well done Game can be complicated, having suggested the child to drive by a ship from one the cities in another, having designated the cities badges at basin edges.

In this case stream air during an oral exhalation should be not only stron but also the directed.

It is possible to carry out game in group.

In this case organize competition whose the ship will quicker come to the purpose.

Ducks Purpose development of the strong smooth directed exhalation; activization of the lip muscles.

Equipment a rubber duck with ducklings a set for bathing; other lungs the rubber or plastic toys floating in water.

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