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All will

All will For children guitar lessons are obligatory.

All will be engaged with pleasure.

By no means, it is not necessary from outside.

We in three months will create from them prevoskhodny musical groups.

It is the huge help in selfexpression.

Also start up to itself there drum.

– Whether should celebrate holidays there Also that we should celebrate – We should celebrate own holidays.

Here we descended in on a course.

After a campaign we act, at us a festive dinner, we distribute to all morozheny, sweets.

And it for us a holiday – songs, maybe, a fire.

Any general state or national holidays should not be.

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Discussion When it is put what or a question, children help to find each other the decision andthanks to mutual support develop so stremitelno that it can be tracked personally.

Discussion pomo S.

Sherns and S.

Dov , Coeducation in small groups review of techniques and research, Jerusalem, pedagogical secretariat, Ministry of Education and cultures.


Gutmans , Democratic trainin Tel Aviv, working library, page to everyone to express itself in own way, demands from everyone from to be clicked on heard, to tell about the impressions and even to write some offers or to make drawing on the mentioned subject.

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A secret

A secret During conversation he began to explain to me quantum astronomy.

To me the thought came to the head if it so well operates with abstract mathematical symbols, probably, there is a sense to suggest it to compare these symbols with text letters And I asked it to compare each letter or a word with one of symbols which arise in his mind.

In some minutes the young man already quite tolerably read.

A secret of success in finding a key to a problem in personal universal memory of the person.

All speak about communication between psychology of the personality and color of aura.

This communication is considered by healers, experts in marketing and dieticians.

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And today fingers

And today fingers Fingertype riddles Purpose development of a thin motility of fingers, development of movements of hands; development of imitation movements of hands.

Game course Plant children in a circle on a carpet and suggest to play with fingers.

And today fingers will think of interesting riddles.

I will be to show, and you guess; then repeat for me.

Points Both hands we represent ringlets we connect big and index fingers other fingers are straightened or a little bent.

We lift hands and we bring them to eyes.

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This ability

This ability He any more is not satisfied lyubopytwith ny contemplation of images which turn around At kindergarten age there is a true friendship in group equal contemporaries – a comment of the author.

This ability to build the relation with equal members of group rasshi also will improve in days of kindergarten visit, – write Serof, Cooper and Daert in one of fundamental books on development psychology.

– The relations between equal in group become from now on the central arena of development and proyavlea niya of new abilities.

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Find good

Find good It us accustomed to consider bad in all, trying to humiliate and make slaves.

Find good and tell about it.

Even can exaggerate, from it you only will win and your child.

From to years Time of development of judgments.

During this period often there are serious accidents or diseases, and also problems with close people.

It makes serious impact on the child.

Such moments are caused by the karmic law, and it is necessary to deal with each case separately to understand, to that he teaches and for what is given.

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