One my companion, as psycho

One my companion, as psycho Today both to children, and adults very much lacks a sign stvo with an inner world of boys and girls, men and women – acquaintances to the purpose to establish between them garmothe nichny connection.

One my companion, as psycho the ravine and the psychotherapist, told about yearold people, whichcome to reception to the psychologist and behave, as small children.

At all without representing that the spouse looks at them other look, they show standard claims I so try to make her life good and pleasant, and she does not notice it and demands from me absolutely other things … if already since the childhood we started to understand each other, would treat representatives of other floor with keenness and respect – that is natural, after all thanks to such otnoshea niya of people reaches harmony, internal and external.

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To buy a finished

To buy a finished Everything depends on that, on what you are ready for the sake of the kid and his health.

To buy a finished product, to facilitate to itself life, or to cook good food from natural products is your choice.

The mankind lives more than years, and during this time not only you had problems with shortage of milk.

Babies survived, them fed even without mothers, and the chemical industry is absolutely young branch.

For uneasy parents who worry, thinking that the kid undereats, there are accurate indications of his body.

It is known to people some centuries.

If on hands and feet of the kid there are folds, socalled zavyazochka, it in norm.

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Th WEEKDEVELOPMENTth WEEKDEVELOPMENT STAGES ON the th WEEK of Change in the child which you can notice Physical development creeps, holding in one hand a subject turns the head during crawling Sense organs and reflexes knocks before itself subjectsIntellectual development removes the suspended subjectsSocial development chooses the pleasant toy simulates sounds, such, as cough and a sneezing drinks from a cup and plays it Each kid is individual and can carry out some actions earlier or later, than it is done by other children.

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Her father

Her fatherAnd still arguments of supporters of a method of Montessoriit is much more convincing that, certainly, by no meansdoes not cancel an urgency of any discussion about problemseducation of children.

Maria Montessori was born on August , in Italy, in a small country townTo Chiaravall.

Her father was highranking statethe official, and mother occurred from MOST POPULAR TECHNIQUES OF EDUCATIONStopani's oldest Italian sort, in whichscientists prevailed.

About Maria Montessori's childhoodfew data remained.

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Perhaps the firstborn

Perhaps the firstborn You, obviously, know many cases when the firstborn grows and leaves the parental house where it suppressed.

Perhaps the firstborn mother or the firstborn father drilled, suppressed, criticized, reproached him.

Out of the parentalhouses the firstborn establishes the order.

Since that moment when it can make it, his internal confidence will start to raise more and more.

He calms down.

Its nervous system calms down, colitis, ulcers stop and immunity because all this was broken and hammered by mother raises.

Now the child can quietly live, having established the rules.

He will establish the family only by the rules.

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