They respect

They respect Many parents do not accept similar open methods of education, but, as we know, the best criterion of quality of a pudding its taste.

And my children serve as live confirmation of that new open style of education works better, than the former methods based on sense of guilt and shame.

Nekotoryelyudi consider even that if we do not show severity, children will lose any respect for us, will run wild and .

I on experience was convinced of the return.

They respect me that I play a role of mother their lives, as well as I respect them that they play a role of children.

And we communicate with each other at level of spirits that level where there are no labels.

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Whitewashing If there was a flooding of your dwellin the roof or walls got wet, take all possible measures for prevention of the beginning of growth and mold colonization.

If walls or a ceiling are damaged, use whitewashing for processing of the got wet sites.

Whitewashing consists of the lime possessing high hygroscopic and antiseptic properties.

In cases of repetition of a promokaniye of the dwelling it is necessary to be engaged in its repair.

Food from the graincultures which it is possible to eat with hands If the child likes to eat with hands, offer it the food prepared on the basis of grain crops.

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As a rule, at food

As a rule, at food More often food poisonings at children arise at the use of adult food.

Symptoms of food poisoning include nausea; vomiting; strong spasms of intestines; profuzny plentiful diarrhea.

What to do.

If the child had some from listed above symptoms, increase amount of liquid consumed by the child for dehydration prevention.

Try to create conditions for quiet wakefulness of the kid.

When to call the doctor.

Call the doctor if the child had symptoms of dehydration and body temperature raised.

As a rule, at food poisoning it is not required applications of medicines.

Disease symptoms usually pass in hours.

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RememberingHe accuses of them capitalist orders which legalizepoverty of one and richness of others, derides a bourgeois family from itnarrowminded ideals of education.

After the termination and of university Y.

Korchak seven yearswith a break caused by participation in RussianJapanese war, worksthe doctor in hospital for children of poor people.

Remembering this period onthe medical practice, he writes Free of charge treated childrensocialists, teachers, journalists, young lawyers, even vrawhose, and all progressive.

To the aid of children Korchak cameat any time also was to them extremely attentive.

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Development Development of movements of hands includes hvataniye development the child learns to grasp a subject, operating purposefully correctly defines a subject place in space the direction and distance, considers a form, subject size in the actions small subjects the child suffices one hand, big two hands, the child learns to suffice subjects differently a fist, three fingers or index and big fingers; development of correlating actions the child learns to use actions, when it is necessary to combine two subjects or two parts of one subject; principle correlating actions underlies game problems of many didactic toys piramidka, nested dolls, loose leaves turrets, etc.

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