But unfortunately, these

But unfortunately, theseIn Nikitin together with the colleagues young teachers and tutors proposed creation of the selfsupportingschools of new type, where educational taskssuccessfully would decide at the same time with developmentpupils of practical skills of production,selfgovernment and early vocational guidance.

But unfortunately, these initiatives at that timesupports did not find.

Boris Pavlovich Nikitin was born in in the North Caucasus in a family of the Kuban Cossack.

In graduated from Military and air academyof N.


Zhukovskogo, served in destructive aircraft.

In retired and began the scientificand pedagogical work in scientific research institute of the Ministry of the laborreserves, then at Institute of the theory and historypedagogics, scientific research institute of psychology and Institute of the labortraining and NPA vocational guidance.

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But in the course

But in the course Differently, sense of that he sees before itselfhimself, – whether it be the do a cat, a toy, a piece of furniture, the bus or even mother – is defined for it by exclusively internal feelings.

At this stage the child yet has no vozmozhto Nosta to support with the world a twoway communication by a principlegive and take – he is able to take only.

But in the course of time he studies as well Prof.

Dani Wolf, specializing in psychology of times twistin notes that the child starts to understand near in three stages.

About one year children yet do not perceive other people It is the third stage in development of parental leaving.

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The most

The most I live in the current instant.

The most important to remember a way of soul and to follow it.

And I ceased to ask questions.

So, than we can help them Remember that they are children.

They like to play and be on friendly terms with agemates.

But it is not always simple.

Many of them do not find common language with schoolmates and neighbour's children.

it is important to provide with it society similar for example, in special camps.

One boy in such camp told to me Now I am not lonely.

And another admitted From now on I do not feelitself abnormal.

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Having ended

Having ended The today's school kills any independence.

Having ended it, the child is not capable to active on to a stizheniye, selftraining.

And the university after all gives it, at least partly.

Having a little changed both school, and university, we will receive the person capable during all life independently to develop.

Today people, finishing training at school and at university, do not receive necessary skills for independent advance on life.

The person remains the simple performer.

– At institute and at school there is a concept botanist.

This is the person who skrupulezno carries out all tasks and goes according to the program.

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Children learned

Children learned It could be, for example, dark blue energy of happiness or pink flower energy.

And still the child watched that who gets into his bubble, and then returned energy of that person to her owner, reminding that bubble only its personal space.

Children learned to create also imagined soap bubbles, to fill them with energy, and then to pierce, returning to energy its neutral form.

And still our kids worked with contrasts much my darling and unloved food; things which please me and afflict; that it is pleasant to me in behavior of the big brother or the sister and that is not pleasant.

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